The Janes - Christine, Sula, and Patti - all live and work in New York City. They all have “day jobs” that they love.

Christine Ranck

Christine Ranck, PhD, grew up in Columbus, Ohio, but her life changed when, in high school, she spent a summer at Interlochen Music Camp in Traverse City, Michigan and discovered she could sing. After a music degree from the Eastman School of Music, she moved to NYC to pursue her love of singing and performing. Singing with Patti and Sula in The Janes was one of her very first professional experiences in New York. Currently, in her day job, Dr. Ranck is a psychotherapist in private practice in NYC, specializing in treating survivors of profound trauma. After 9/11, she worked with hundreds of firefighters and first responders. She is also co-writer of a best-selling book, Ignite The Genius Within: Discover Your Full Potential (Penguin Books) available in bookstores and on

Sula Haska

Sula Haska’s love of singing began as a child with the influence of her beloved grandmother who sang opera on radio shows, and her mother, who was a concert pianist and singer in the community theater in Queens, New York. Sula followed in their musical footsteps in high school by winning first vocal prize in her age category in a national contest. Much later, she was credited as being the first female rap singer with her song, “Jungle Rap,” which aired on the top 3 radio stations in NY and went to the top of the charts in Europe. In her day job, Sula is a Case Manager and Teacher for the NYC Department of Education in the Office of Adult & Continuing Education for adults over the age of 21.

Patti Wyss

Patti Wyss, a native of Austin, Texas, also attended Interlochen Music Camp the very same summer as Christine Ranck, where they sang in the same small chorus but did not know each other. It was only after meeting through The Janes that they discovered this amazing coincidence! Patti, in her day job, is currently Senior Music Editor for A & R Music Services, where she orchestrates the music for Broadway shows like Wicked, Aladdin, The Producers, Young Frankenstein, and the Radio City Christmas and Easter shows. Her orchestrations and arrangements are played all over the country. Patti and her husband, Edwin Cionek, arrange and orchestrate most of The Janes’ vocal arrangements.