The Janes, “a heavily sequined, glorious-voiced singing trio, performed a comic medley on the theme of Women in Transition that began with “Stand by Your Man” and ended with “You Don’t Own Me,” at which point their raucous audience was on their feet cheering.”
– The New York Times

The Janes are “one of the most inventive, sprightly and generally fun-filled cabaret acts around…they deliver their gorgeous harmonies with pizzazz and showmanship.”
– The New York Post

“You three are just marvelous! You are ‘sisters’ in music … and you share your family with the audience … and we can only stand and cheer in admiration of your talents! The ‘love’ of what you all do comes thru equally as the perfection with which you do it!”
– Martin Silvestri, Grammy-Nominated Composer

“This show was the best night of entertainment I have ever experienced…The singers, a group of three women, all have day jobs. They have, however, been a singing trio for many years. They’ve toured the world both as the opening act and backup singers for various celebrities. They’ve entertained troops around the globe yet maintained the harmony in their lives as well as their act. Their notes are perfectly on key as are their hearts…These generous, talented singers are perfect because, though their brand of talent, humor and generosity is unique, they do represent all women. And they sang in perfect harmony.”
– The Bucks County Herald


“You do the best Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy ever (apologies to the Andrew Sisters, but it’s the truth), and your Happy Birthday is as hilarious as it is melodious!”

“I don’t even know which was better – enjoying the music, or enjoying watching you three have so much fun. Talk about igniting energy!”

“What a joyful performance and the singing was amazing.”

“Just wanting to express how delightful your show was! And beyond and aside from the great vocals, I forget how
funny y’all are! Does it get any better than that? It really doesn’t. Congrats!”

“How much fun my friend and I had last night! A helluva performance. I cannot get those songs out of my head. You ladies rock!”

“Nice doesn’t cut it any which way…we were blown away! We couldn’t believe it! How has Broadway NOT done a show starring just you ladies? It was the best show I’ve ever seen and I’m not kidding or being nice…and I get around.”

“Your master’s thesis on songs about women was hilarious…you were right on the money. My cheeks ached from laughing. brilliant! You did deserve a master’s for that!”

“You were fabulous. We loved it!!! We wish it never ended but you guys really put your hearts and souls into every minute of it!…And, without a doubt, the rich history you ladies share together makes your show utterly unique.”